In many job descriptions of project managers, being PMP credential holder is one of the key requirements.

More and more people are getting certified as PMP; More and more companies are sending their project managers for training and getting their project managers certified as PMP.

We know that PMP exams are centered around Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). It covers various process groups and knowledge areas of project management. It is comprehensive.

It is also well-known that many PMP credential holders do not apply many of what they have learned about PMBoK in their jobs. WHY? It is tedious without a proper tool.

Talaia Project Portfolio Management software is aligned with PMBoK standard. It makes the management of projects according to PMBoK standard not so tedious. It is a great tool to help PMP apply what they have learned about project management in their jobs.

Maximize your return on Project manager training, hiring PMP credential holders as project managers, you must provide your project managers with the right tool like Talaia OpenPPM project portfolio management software. This allows you to bring your organization’s project management to the next level. For many companies project management are CORE to their business, implementing a right PPM tool can be a game changer in their competition.

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