The following modes are available for Talaia OpenPPM Implementation

On Premise

  • Deployment in your infrastructure
  • Standard Service + Annual Maintenance Fee (optional from 2nd year onward)
  • Includes first year support, maintenance and product updates

On Cloud

  • Deployment on Cloud
  • Standard Service + Annual hosting & Maintenance Fee (Mandatory)
  • Includes first year support, maintenance and product updates


  • Deployment on Cloud
  • Standard Service + Payment per user per month
  • Includes hosting
  • Includes maintenance, support and product updates


TALAIA OpenPPM Services

Standard Service Analysis & Configuration Analysis of current customer Project Management situation. Define and Set up software configuration.

Initial Projects/Data Load Collectt actual projects information & Initial projects upload

Training Train the Trainer Sessions 2 x 3 Hours – Web Conference

Installation & Deployment Define, Support infrastructure installation & Software deployment



  • Project Management: We will apply our project management methodology, based on PMBOK®, to coordinate all the Project management areas. Our Project Manager is stationed in Singapore and is able to travel on special request.
  • Analysis & Consulting: We will conduct an analysis of the company’s structure; project life cycle and management processes through REMOTE meetings and webinars with the customer key personnel. Our consultancy team will then analyze all the information in order to define the appropriate structure and configuration of TALAIA OpenPPM. 
  • Settings & Configuration: Based on the information collected in the analysis & consulting phase, our consultants will help define the initial configuration and settings. We will identify the various users and their roles, in order to manage the initial administration settings and all the maintenance parameters and processes that need a configuration in the tool.
  • Data & Projects Load: We will ensure a correct and initial load of identified projects and programs. We will collect all the projects information from the different sources within the customer’s organization. Then our consultants will structure and normalize these information in order to align the data to TALAIA OpenPPM requirements. Then we will proceed to load all this information to ease the start process for the project’s manager
  • Training: We will provide the customer with 2 (two) “train-the-trainer” training sessions to properly transfer the knowledge to the customer’s project management team. This will provide the customer to gain expertise in administration settings & demand, portfolio, program, project and resource management.
  • Technical Infrastructure Deployment: We will provide Support to the final deployment of TALAIA OpenPPM in the client’s own IT infrastructure/on cloud. Our technical team will provide assessment to define the proper size of the requested infrastructure. Then we will help or directly proceed to the deployment of the different component necessary.