Excel is still used by many CEO and HOD to keep track of their project portfolios. There are some inconveniences in it:

  • It takes a lot of coordination work in order to prepare the list with latest status
  • The list provides only top level information without details into each projects

Talaia OpenPPM is a great tool to replace excel as a tool to manage your project portfolios. It provide structured information at real time on all your projects in a central location. Investments are linked to projects, it allows you to drill into details of each projects when you want to without the worry of getting lost into details.

All the projects are manage by project managers. Talaia OpenPPM is designed by project managers for project managers. It makes the project managers’ job easier. Information related to projects are organized according to Project Management Best Practices (PMBOK). It not only makes the project reporting efficient and effective, but also makes it easier to manage projects according to those best practices.

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