The litmus test of an individual is whether she/he can deliver promises and get results.

This question should always be asked: Will the present work realize the desired results or make the outcome more of a success? The answer to this question should be based upon to make decisions.

Resources (time, money and attentions) are always limited. We must always have a clear picture of the priorities of the projects. This also means giving no attention to some needs if we judge other needs to have greater priority.

Being results oriented also means creating and maintaining conditions to make it easier for the team to achieve results. Providing the team with all the required means and limiting distractions so that the team can work on the results efficiently.

The desired results are meaningful. We do it with passion. We keep advocating for what we want to achieve.

Formalizing initiatives into projects does help keeping focus on the desired results. Talaia OpenPPM is a good PPM tool that you can consider, to make sure initiatives are properly defined and executed, with desired results achieved. For a 30 days free trial, visit