Organizations and individuals, living in environments with overlapping and often conflicting stakeholder interests, are challenged with too much information and not enough communication and judged by their ability to deliver products and services that align with short and long-term strategies, to deliver benefits.

Projects begin and end with people. The competent execution is at the heart of every successful project. Individuals and organizations strive to develop their competences in order to perform better in their current position, and to enhance their opportunities. More and more organizations believe that the development of competences has added value and moved the organization forward.

Brickwell Pte Ltd aims to enrich and improve the organization’s and individual’s competence in project, programme and portfolio management by helping our customers to implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software and to get its related training and consultancy services.

We believe that desired results can be achieved through the proper application of knowledge, skills and abilities in practice. We would like to make that easy for our customers.