TALAIA OpenPPM is the first solution to manage projects, programs and portfolios in line with the standards of PMI ® – PMBoK

TALAIA OpenPPM is adjusted to your organization, prepared to integrate with other tools (planning tools, issue tracking or ticketing, risk management, cost management, staff evaluations, etc..) and enhanced for its speed and ease of use.

Agility, Effectiveness and Usabilility

TALAIA OpenPPM allows flexible and effective work of the project manager (PM) and other people interacting in the company (team member, resource manager, project manager, PMO, stakeholder, sponsor, etc.).

Vision and Perspective

TALAIA OpenPPM Provide global vision and perspective to the business portfolio managers or project managers as well as the top management, CEO, financial director, HR, operations…

Project Management Information System

The management of project portfolios where each project manager has its own methodology and tools scatters the information and hinders a global vision of the portfolio.

Consolidate and Structure the information using Talaia, along with the use of good practice standards (PMBoK), gives you access to relevant information for a proper project portfolio management.

Forget spreadsheets and complex reports.