Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, WE CANNOT SIT STILL.

It is a time where networks must collaborate more closely (keep social distance but stay in touch), addressing the specific challenges, and minimizing the impact of the crisis. Portfolio direction, programme & project management are more necessary to be implemented now.

Hiding out and thinking that the crisis will clear itself soon may not be the right approach. Collaborate online while working remotely.

Digitalize the business!

OpenPPM is an Open Source product, used for Project Management and Project Portfolio Management, in accordance with the PMBOK® standard.

From a functional point of view:

  • It is a solution for companies that need to manage a large number of projects and need to have a single source to get an overview on what is happening.
  • It is intended to be intuitive, simple to administer for the users with a quick learning curve.

You can access the demo environment to try it out yourself with the following details,


User: openppm                    Password: openppm

Otherwise, simply give me a call at +65 65112915 for a non-obligatory discussion to clear your doubts.

No matter you are freelance consultant, small business owner or large corporation, if you have many projects to manage, we have a solution for you at the right price.