Technology plays an important part in creating a better tomorrow. Through our technical know-how and project management expertise, we are able to help our customers implement various technological solutions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Indoor Location Tracking

BLE & UWB Based

Movement of people and assets involve time, energy and safety. 
This is costing millions of dollars to companies every day, but nothing is done to capture precise data about these movements.
Through Asset Tracking, Process Automation and Flow Analytics, we make it easy to save cost, increase productivity and improve safety. 

Security Access Control

Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods securely inside and threats outside is real. 

Security operations cost a lot.

By administering multiple sites from a single location remotely, it centralizes expertise and reduces operational costs.


Integration & Customization

It can be deployed either on cloud or on premise.
The IP based access controller work with doors, turnstiles, elevators, lockers/racks, gates/barriers. It supports various card technologies and bio-metric readers.
Mobile APP and Off-the-shelf integration with CCTV are available.
Small offices don't have to be scared. We have cost effective and simple solutions as well.

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