It is an uncertain world! Shall we focus more on risks or opportunities? While using Talaia OpenPPM, I realize that I have been documenting more opportunities than risks in this tool.

There is a risk management module in Talaia OpenPPM. This module allows users to define an uncertainty as either a risk or an opportunity, and manage it according to PMBoK recommendation. 

Another good thing about this project portfolio management tool is that the risks/opportunities of all projects are displayed in the portfolio view. You can easily see all of them, grouped according to each individual projects, with Red/Yellow/Green indication showing the risk levels. There are also other information like open/close status, due date, risk response and etc. You can conveniently zoom into each risk by clicking on the eye on the left of each risk.  

It seems to me, with Talaia OpenPPM, risk/opportunity management is no longer done for the sake of doing the paper work, but it really serves as a good tool to improve my chances of achieving objectives. 


Risk Portfolio