Market conditions change fast. Companies will need to change according to market conditions in order to stay competitive. These changes are done through defining and executing projects. In other words, company strategies, whether they are product, marketing, operation, finance or HR strategy, are executed through defining and overseeing projects. It is not unusual to find that one of the main reasons for failed initiatives is that they were not managed as projects, and proper project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques were not applied.

One of the roles of projects is to replace old inefficient ways of doing things with methods that are better suited to modern market conditions. Over time a succession of projects completely renew and replace the set of processes used in a company’s day-to-day operations. So the quality of the fit between the company’s processes and the needs of the market depends on the quality of its projects. This is why some companies have realized that project management can be a powerful competitive weapon.

Talaia OpenPPM helps companies define and oversee projects and resources to achieve companies’ objectives, when Talaia OpenPPM is used in a company

  1. It supports defining important initiatives as projects
  2. It presents information on all projects in a structured way
  3. It enhances project success by facilitating implementation of best project management practices

Furthermore, it is affordable easy to use!

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