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People and Organization demand various kind of things.

When realizing what people want gets so complicated, projects and programmes are considered.

Standardize Project Operation

Talaia OpenPPM provides centralized information from different projects organized according to PMBOK recommendation. It provides executive overview of the projects portfolio to support decision making.

Stop wasting time waiting or building complex reports.
Avoid unpleasant surprises, take the pulse of your projects. Plan and control the costs, schedule, risks, issues and changes easily.
Get a real-time executive view of the development of each project.
Manage projects on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Full integration with other tools

Talaia integrates with other complementary tools such as Jira, Microsoft Project, Redmine, Alfresco... or any other corporate software to build a global solution.

Choose your implementation mode

We take care of the basic services for set-up, configuration and deployment of TALAIA, as well as the initial project upload and the necessary maintenance and support so you can start in optimum conditions. Get trained so you can get the most of our solution. Choose the best implementation modality for your organization:

On Premise

Unique payment per user
Deployment in your infrastructure
First year of support and maintenance including product updates


Unique payment per user
Hosting included (annual renewal)
First year of support and maintenance including product updates


Payment per month per user
Hosting included
Maintenance, support and product updates included

Talaia OpenPPM

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Take a glance into Talaia OpenPPM

Deliver on promises, select, plan, control and priorize

Centralized and unified information to manage your project portfolios, programs and investment. One single source of information to set priorities for better decision making.

Intuitive planning with a graphic WBS interface

Visualize your projects through a work breakdown structure. Organize project’s scope in work packages and tasks. Link ideas to activities and reach your targets.

Minimize risk, delays and control productivity through EVM

Project delays, cost overrun, issues? Use EVM to check your projects performance, gain visibility and overcome problems.

Meet the deadlines

Control delivery dates using an interactive Gantt. Use milestone management with multiple projects target dates.

Plan Resources

Plan workload and optimize your resources. Take the right decisions, assigning the resources according their skills and availability.

Control efforts

Follow up and compare plan versus actual resources utilization.

Portfolio Vision for Corporate Governance

Create, align and manage portfolios to achieve strategical objectives.  Prioritize initiatives and projects based on multiple criteria. 

Defines strategical objectives, group them and determine their impact levels. Select and add projects that are aligned with the goals of your portfolio and define their weight against each other.

Thanks to the Scenario Simulator and Waterline graphics, Talaia helps you to easily define a list of projects to execute based upon their budget or priority. 

Talaia presentation

View talaia OpenPPM presentation in digital flipbook

Talaia OpenPPM

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Watch a demo video

Watch this video to understand the philosophy and concept of Talaia OpenPPM

Watch a demo video

Watch this video to look into detailed functions in Talaia OpenPPM.

Watch a demo video

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