Talaia OpenPPM is a Project Portfolio Management Tool based on standards (PMBOK, EVM, ISO 21500). We did not want to reinvent the wheel.

It is based on Open Management Framework. Every company is different, the tool should be able to fit and adapt to every company situations and processes.

It has to be intuitive and simple to administer.  Our understanding is that the tool should be a support to project management, and should not be a burden which takes too much time of the project manager. Talaia OpenPPM is not based on workflow. We understand workflow is more of a trouble than of a solution in project management.

It uses web interface, no need to install many things into your devices. It is based on Java. It is configurable and easy to customize. And it can be used on mobile devices.

It is multi-departmental. It can be deployed at company level. Every department within the company can have its own work-space in order to manage its projects. Companies can create as many departments/divisions as they like to fit into their company organization chart and structure.

The tool is configurable. There are a lot of areas in the organizational process assets. Every company can configure the tool the way they like to fit to the organization.

Company can create many users for the tool. Users have their own account and password for logging into the tool. Users of the tool are given different roles. We have 10 roles that are embedded into the tool. What each role can do or see are already embedded in each role. Company can introduce users and add one or more role profiles to the same user depending on what they can see and do in each performing organization.  Based on the role/set of roles, what each user can see and do is defined.

Within every performing organization you will find three modules, i.e. Investment, project and program

We understand that before every project is implemented, there is a go or no go decision to make. And there is a need to carry out demand management. Investment module is for this. Investment module allows identifying investments by 6 statuses, which are in progress, approved, on hold, rejected, closed and achieved.

When it comes to purely project management from project module, management of single projects. Depending on the stages of the project, different tags are available. They are initiating, planning, risk, executing, procurement, closed and achived. There is also a lessons learnt tag for easy management of lessons learnt. We try to make it a little far away from workflows. There are no clear steps happening depending on the stages. For example, at initiating stage, we allow the project managers to carry out some planning and risk management as well.

Resource management and assignment function allows you to access resource capacity planning and resource capacity running. We understand that resource allocation is a key issue in project management, our tool allows project manager to have an approval cycle for assigning resources to different activities of the project.

There is a key role which is called resource manager that is managing pools of resources. These resource managers approves, rejects or recommend resource assignment depending on the capacity planning and capacity running.

Our philosophy is not to duplicate functionalities that we understand maybe related to project management but are not core to project management. For that we are talking about finance, collaborating tools and etc. There are many software fulfilling these functionalities. You might have been using those tools already. Our solution is to integrate to those tools.

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