TALAIA OpenPPM is project and portfolio management solution based on PMBOK and ISO21500. Unlike other project portfolio management solution, you can afford this tool whatever the size of your company. There is no maintenance cost or software licensing. Compared with other equivalent tools on the market, the total cost of ownership is very low and does not increase over the years. It does not require to change your business processes, it is a tool that suits your organization to optimize its daily operations in project management.

  • Is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • The stakeholders can obtain an instant snapshot of the projects through reports and graphs.


No Delay No Learning Curve

The Solution offers high value from the beginning; users begin to manage their projects effectively in less than a month. TALAIA OpenPPM is very intuitive and easy to use for people not familiar with the Project Management Standards; you learn it as you use it. In addition, for certified PMP ®, CAPM ® or for those who have knowledge of PMBOK basics, the tool is fully consistent with the knowledge learned. Once acquired, the waiting time to start using TALAIA OpenPPM is limited, it only requires the implementation and customization of the tool to your business.

Risk and Change Management

Companies are acting in an ever growing complex environment. Therefore TALAIA OpenPPM includes a risk and change management module to analyze current and possible future scenarios in order to manage project uncertainty. Working with KPI’s ensures real time compliance with all requirements and efforts levels associated with each project. The tool adapts to your business processes. It fts your organization, optimizing its daily operations in project management.

Monitoring Project Execution

Team Members are executing activities. They are aware at all time if they have been pre-assigned, assigned or released from a Project. When incurring hours and expenses an approval workflow always goes through the Project Manager.

Global Vision

TALAIA OpenPPM provides an overview on all ongoing projects, reporting real time progress and outcome. The tool covers the entire life cycle of the project, from ideas of possible investments until closing or cancelling projects and projects portfolios. At any time it is possible to check initial planning versus actual situation, being able to drill down in more projects history details (issue log, risks, changes, status report, etc.). In closed projects, stakeholders can measure deviance between what was expected and what really happened.

Bottom-Up Information

The method used by TALAIA OpenPPM offers both a 360º overview and a end-to-end vision based upon a bottom-up feedback from the Team Members to the Project Managers and ongoing to Program Managers, PMOs, Functional Managers and Portfolio Managers. Thanks to the tool data process requirement, TALAIA OpenPPM provides efficient and quality/effectiveness follow-up reports, ensuring necessary information availability at all company levels to successfully complete each project.

Investment Management

TALAIA OpenPPM is the first open source solution to manage investments, individual projects and programs of projects, being consistent with the standards developed by PMI ®. An enterprise is made of a set of investments, projects and portfolios requiring separate management levels. TALAIA OpenPPM collects these management levels in the form of roles. The role of the Portfolio Manager generally corresponds to the CEO, who has a high-level visibility on all projects of the organization. He would be reported by the Functional Managers (heads of department), Program Managers (responsible for project lines) Investment Managers (or demand managers) and Resource Manager. In a third level you can find the project managers and other roles.

No Exclusion

In TALAIA OpenPPM we are strongly aware that projects are not isolated but team managed within the organization. The most important role being the Project Manager, there are 9 more roles, and each one with access to the appropriate view information.

Integration Capacity

Talala OpenPPM is an open management framework allowing integration with any application. The tool has plugins for integration with MS Project, JIRA and Redmine. This feature allows importing file to load the initial schedule, cost and scope, or to update the control and monitoring. \

Users Profiles

Each user depending on the role that he or she is playing in the system has a particular workspace. Talaia OpenPPM allows assigning the following profiles: PMO, Investment Manager, Project Manager, Team Member, Resource Manager, Functional Manager, Sponsor and Stakeholders. Talaia OpenPPM is multi profile therefore you can assign different profiles
for each user.

Document Management

It allows attaching documents to any object, storing them in the database, network folders or establishing links to external document management. Being an open source solution, it is possible to develop custom integrations with external document  management. Talaia OpenPPM has the ability to export information in PDF and Excel formats.