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Ideas become projects in the organizations, and it’s rare to find an organization with more resources than ideas that’s why converting ideas into projects may be a nightmare if there’s no technology who helps managing all the information. Projects are the wind that takes an organization moving forward in the path of their strategy, from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. Any organization aiming to be competitive in the market place should manage the entire portfolio of programs accompanied by correct tools enabled by technology.

TALAIA OpenPPM, the opensource Project Portfolio Manager is positioned in the PPM market (Project Portfolio Management) to help organizations improve their strategic focus through PMBOK methodology. The tool is open and customizable, one of its main advantages comes from its flexibility as it adjust to your organization through its multidepartamental structure.

SM2 in a continual effort keeps evolving the tool following a development plan. As such, the users of the tool benefit from continuous improvements in all aspects of TALAIA OpenPPM, improving usability and experience through a roadmap with three main lines of evolution: functional changes, product and techniques.

As a philosophy, TALAIA is being built to cover core functionality of project portfolio management requirements but understanding that every company needs and uses other types of softwares such as finance, documentary, collaborative, business intelligence… what we do to cover these needs is integrate the tool very easily with the required softwares in a complete solution for optimal project portfolio management.



TALAIA OpenPPM is the first open source solution to manage projects, programs and portfolios in line with the standards of PMI and two main objectives:


Allow flexible and effective work of the Project Manager (PM) and other people interacting in the company (Team Member, Resource Manager, Project Manager, PMO, Stakeholder, Sponsor, etc.).


Provide global visibility and perspective to the business Portfolio Managers or Project Managers as well as the CEO, Financial Director, HR, Operations.