Project management is about defining and overseeing resources and projects to achieve organizational objectives. Good project management helps company deliver high-quality solutions on schedule and save cost. It helps meet commitments to customers and achieve continued customer loyalty.

Talaia OpenPPM helps our customer company and their project managers in many ways, including but not limited to the following

  1. The project manager always knows the objectives of the projects and make sure those objectives are met while planning and managing those projects;
  2. The projects are properly planned and it is not only the gantt chart!
  3. It makes more efficient the planning, managing, assessing, and controlling scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resources, and customer satisfaction;
  4. The project manager keeps records of his or her projects and generates lessons learned from the projects. The organization will accumulate and make use of records of past projects and lessons learned;
  5. The project manager focuses extensively on identifying and managing risks. The project manager spends more time focusing on preventing problems than dealing with problems. Managing risks saves the projects time and money;
  6. The project manager measures against the project management plan to help determine the project status throughout the life of the project;
  7. The project manager assesses whether the project can meet the end date and other project constraints and objectives and take actions to resolve the differences from the requirements;
  8. The project manager reestimate throughout the life of the project to make sure the end date and cost objectives will be met;
  9. The project manager is continuously looking to ensure everyone knows what is going on and has appropriate expectations;
  10. The project manager understands and takes serious human resource responsibilities on the project;
  11. The project manager is actively involved in procurement processes and assist to manage procurements;
  12. The project manager achives all project records;
  13. It makes EVM easy and practical to implement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on how we can help your organization implement Talaia OpenPPM.