The early stage has the most impact on one’s career development. The experiences and opportunities presented in the early stages are likely to determine one’s career path. One needs to have a holistic view about corporate functions and operations to effectively seize the opportunities emerged in the early stage of careers.

The understanding about different functions and operations in corporate will help early career employees perform better than peers and attract more opportunities in the corporation.

There are many new things to learn that are not taught in school in the early stages of one’s career. Many people do not understand the knowledge framework to identify what important things to learn to win the competitions and succeed.

It will be very advantageous to have the following knowledge in the early stage of one’s corporate career for the above reasons.
1. Project Management
2. Sales and marketing
3. ITIL service management

There are many class-room based training available in the market, however they are generally expensive and requires students to attend classes at fixed location per fixed schedule. These are sometimes inconvenient for students to participate.

Online courses are much more affordable, and they are flexible. Students can attend at their own convenience any time and any where. At the end of the courses, student can take certification exams and getting certified.