Measuring Light Flicker


In its simplest definition, flicker is the constant fluctuation of light output from on to off. Because electricity is delivered through alternating current at a power line frequency of 50Hz in Singapore, the voltage delivered to a source bounces between on and off as it rides the sine wage between the positive and negative poles. As a result, the potential flicker frequency is twice the power line frequency, or 100 hertz. Without the proper electronic circuity a source will flicker.

From headaches to underexposed photographs, the consequence of flicker can manifest in many ways. if left unchecked, flicker can lead to a host of problem.

For LED lights, the key to mitigating flicker lies in the driver, which can eliminate the problem by supplying the LED with a constant, non-oscillating current. Our LED lights come with superior LED drivers which help reduce effect of flicker significantly. Contact us for our LED lighting needs.


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