Project Management
is at the CORE of what we do

We realize complicated needs of our customers

Project Management Service

Every supplier has their own specializations. To fulfill specific needs of customers, deliverable and expertise from multiple suppliers might be required. Coordinating different suppliers is often a headache for many customers.

We love multi-disciplinary work.

We would like to leverage our project management competence to consolidate expertise, manage risks and provide peace of mind to our customers.

Project Based Solutions

We help customers increase efficiency and flexibility, save cost and improve safety. 

Our solutions portfolio include BLE & UWB based location tracking, connecting equipment to cloud, security access control and electrical design and maintenance, etc.


Project Portfolio Management Software

If your project managers take advantage of the intuitive and easy-to-use functions that Talaia OpenPPM offers, they will be the most valuable project managers in your organization, efficiently and effectively applying good project management practices in defining and overseeing projects and resources to achieve organizational objectives.

The web-based Talaia OpenPPM allows Project managers and stakeholders to access project information anywhere and anytime

The management of project portfolios where each project manager has its own tools and techniques scatters the information and hinders a global vision of the portfolio. Centralize the information using Talaia OpenPPM, and structure it according to PMBoK recommendations, gives you access to relevant information for a proper project governance and management.

  • The whole organization share the same project management language and information structure. Status of the projects become easy to understand and truly transparent. 
  • Both executive information and details are available in Talaia OpenPPM. Project governance, management and decision making are supported by structured information and greater insights into the projects.

The future of the company depends on its projects. Changes happen fast. What used to be efficient and relevant become inefficient and irrelevant. Leaders change the company according to the needs of the market. When it gets complicated, the best way to change it is through projects. The quality of the fit between the company and the needs of the market depends on the quality of the projects. 

Public project management standards are available to all companies who see the values in adopting those standards. it is the proprietary processes, organization structure, culture, resources and people that a company continuously develops, that is going to set competitive companies apart from the others.

Talaia OpenPPM Provides a project management information system, together with an effective organization continuous improvement system, maximizes organization learning from projects undertaken.

Talaia OpenPPM implementation itself, is an opportunity to review and streamline project management processes in the organization.