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Talaia Project Management Software

If You Have Many Projects to Track,

Talaia OpenPPM Is The Tool!

Aligned with Global Project Management Standards

Too many projects to keep track of?

Consolidate all projects into a central platform

Structure information according to PMBoK standard

Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party software


Talaia Project Management Software

Create Internal Efficiency

Many business transformation, including digital transformation, are anchored at process improvement.

Talaia ensures efficient and effective execution and governance of projects, it also helps in your business transformation process. 

Projects real-time overview

Get an overview of all your projects in a single page. You can see your list of projects with the percentage of completion, planned start and end date, project status with colour-coded that identify the health of the project and general status report. 

Talaia Project Management Software Overview
Key in Project Details in Talaia

Initiate Your Projects

Prepare project scope by building upon the major deliverables, assumptions and constraints of the projects. Record project data in Talaia PPM to ensure project start off on a good note.

Plan Your Projects

Start planning your projects using Talaia PPM. This project portfolio management software allows you to plan your project finance, scope, resources, schedule and risk all within one platform. Stop projects delay and cost over-run with Talaia Project Portfolio Management Software today. 

Plan Project Finance

Monitor and Control Your Projects

Monitor and control your projects with Talaia PPM Software. Track, review and report your projects overall progress to meet the objectives. Talaia PPM Software allows you to understand the current state of your project better and recognize needs to be done to address any issue. Talaia also gives you greater  visibility onto the future project status with cost and schedule updates. 

How Talaia PPM Software helps your organization

If your project managers take advantage of the intuitive and easy-to-use functions that Talaia OpenPPM offers, they will be the most valuable project managers in your organization, efficiently and effectively applying good project management practices in defining and overseeing projects and resources to achieve organizational objectives.

The web-based Talaia OpenPPM allows Project managers and stakeholders to access project information anywhere and anytime

The management of project portfolios where each project manager has its own tools and techniques scatters the information and hinders a global vision of the portfolio. Centralize the information using Talaia OpenPPM, and structure it according to PMBoK recommendations, gives you access to relevant information for a proper project governance and management.

  • The whole organization share the same project management language and information structure. Status of the projects become easy to understand and truly transparent. 
  • Both executive information and details are available in Talaia OpenPPM. Project governance, management and decision making are supported by structured information and greater insights into the projects.

Risk management, stakeholder management, human resource development are often important parts of sustainability strategy. Talaia OpenPPM provide a means to effectively execute sustainability strategies on project level where rubber meets the road.

Public project management standards are available to all companies who see the values in adopting those standards. it is the proprietary processes, organization structure, culture, resources and people that a company continuously develops, that is going to set competitive companies apart from the others.

Talaia OpenPPM Provides a project management information system, together with an effective organization continuous improvement system, maximizes organization learning from projects undertaken.

Talaia OpenPPM implementation itself, is an opportunity to review and streamline project management processes in the organization. 

Design with flexibility in mind

Talaia OpenPPM is based on PMBoK standard, it is comprehensive. However not all good practices are worth adopting. It depends on the needs and situation of each organization. Talaia OpenPPM is designed with flexibility in mind, can be tailored to the needs of different organizations, whether you are MNC or small enterprises.

About Brickwell Pte Ltd

Brickwell Pte Ltd is run by experienced and professional project managers. We make sure that Talaia PPM is set up and configured to the needs of your Organization, and that your staffs are well trained to use and benefit from the tool. .

When used differently, Talaia OpenPPM generates different results. Brickwell, through our experience implementing Talaia for different customers, will be able to advise you on your needs. Share with us your challenges and how you want to manage your projects, we can show you how to do it in Talaia PPM Software.

It is not about finding a tool that looks exactly like what you expected, but about finding out how a flexible and comprehensive tool can be used to achieve your organizational objectives