Turning Ideas Into Desired Outcomes

Satisfy needs of customers through application of project management & engineering expertise. 

Electrical Engineering

People and Organization demand various kind of things, when realizing what people want gets so complicated, projects and programmes are considered.

The Founder

With a M.Eng degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering, Ma Shiao, PMP has successfully delivered large and complex multi-disciplinary engineering projects. Appreciation of beauty and excellence, love of learning, creativity and fairness are some of the core character strengths of Shiao.


Project management competence and engineering know-how in Electrical Power and Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Physical Security Access Control and Lighting & specialized shipbuilding.

Project Management

Innovative ideas are turned into desired outcomes through projects. As strong believer of good project management, we help you implement PPM software which significantly improves the conversion of ideas into outcomes.